Our wines are crafted
exclusively from
hand-picked and selected
fruit grown at our Crawford
River estate vineyard,
whereupon they are vinified
and bottled on site.  The
fruit is brought to the winery
in small parcels, where
meticulous attention is paid
to detail.

Patience and time are of
the essence in our winery.  
We believe in minimal
interference and movement
during vinification,
preferring the fruit to
naturally express our
special terroir.  It is our
belief this approach
influences the pure, elegant
quality of our end product.
Our white wines - including our Rosé - are cool-fermented to dryness in 100%
stainless steel tanks.  Depending on the year and fruit expression we may
chose to practice extended lees ageing in tank.  Our white wines are un-fined,
and are sterile filtered prior to bottling in early September.

Our dessert wine ´Nektar´ undergoes a cool fermentation and is vinified to a
level of sugar more typical of Sauternes than the Beerenauslese style from
Germany.  However, there is no ´recipe´ winemaking at Crawford River and in
some years we are at the mercy of the fruit given by the vineyard, requiring a
little more sugar to be left to ensure the ideal balance between alcohol, sugar
and acid that we seek.  We simply aim to achieve a purity of fruit expression in
a style that yields a clean, crisp finish.  While in most years this wine is made
from Riesling, we occasionally make a Nektar from Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon
as well.  The two wines are NEVER combined.
Our red wines are brought to the winery in small
parcels delineated by their location within the
vineyard.  Throughout the vinification process until
blending, the wines remain in their individual

Vinifcation takes place in small, open fermenters,
with a small percentage of the parcels undergoing
extended post-fermentation maceration and another
portion barrel fermented.  We believe this process
aids our endeavour to craft wines with finesse,
multi-layered flavours and complexity.

Maturation of our red wines is between 12-24
months in French oak.

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Belinda overseeing the pressing of our 2010 Rosé, which is crushed to press, soaked and later....much later, gently pressed to tank.
Since 2005 there has been a happy confluence of
young and older at Crawford River wines.  While
professionally trained and with numerous international
vintages under her belt, Belinda knows there is no
substitute for John´s more than 35 years of
experience in the Estate vineyard he created.

The father-daughter winemaking team.