Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon are the two main
varieties in the vineyard, with smaller plantings of
Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Semillon and  Sauvignon

All major activities such as picking, pruning,
leaf-plucking, shoot-thinning and green pruning are
done by hand.

Our vineyard is maintained without the use of
herbicides nor insecticides.
Rainfall is generally reliable, with much of the 650mm average falling in Winter
and Spring .  At Latitude 38° South and 110 metres above sea-level,
temperatures are cool.  Situated approximately 50 kilometres inland from the
Southern Ocean, the vineyard enjoys its moderating maritime influence whilst
managing to escape most of the Autumn sea mists.

The combination of these factors produces a long and even growing season
helping to produce grapes with intense fruit flavours and high natural acidity.  
Whilst our dry grown vineyard enjoys low yields, some years require careful
manipulation of bunch numbers, ensuring the highest possible fruit quality.  
Budburst is usually mid-September with picking from mid April to mid May.
The Crawford River vineyard lies at the alluvial edge
of a volcanic lava flow.  The 11.5 Ha vineyard has its
roots in an unusually complex, mineral-rich soil base.
Gravelly, friable, basalt loam overlays  permeable
clay which in turn lies above a limestone base
created by an ancient, risen seabed.
John Thomson with his meticulously arch-cane pruned
Riesling vines.
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